Thursday, April 5, 2012

Question 9

The theme of this book is life. Living your life for you. Morrie talks about acceptance through detachment, love, the media, and self created values. Morrie believes detachment is to accept stressful situations by removing yourself from stressful situations. By doing this you gain a different perspective of what's going on. Love. Love is aspect of life, more so, a state of mind. Throughout the book Morrie would reference this quote "love each or die". He believes that people need to feel fulfilled. "You can't substitute material things for love", pg. 125. This means that nothing can take the place of love. The media tries to dedicate what people want and who they become. The media influence's people. This is when people should steer away from the media, and do what they want and what is the best for them. Self created values come from staying away from the media. The media tries to make people believe certain things are what they're 'looking for' like a new car, etc. Self created values satisfy people's need to feel fulfilled.

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