Monday, April 2, 2012

Question 4

I think the author is a greedy, callous, and caring person; all wrapped into one personality which makes him Mitch Albom-if that makes any sense. He shows all these characteristics. Before Albom and Morrie got back in touch Albom "I had been, for much of my life since graduation, pursuing these very things...bigger toys, nicer house," pg 127. Albom was wanting frivolous things. He is a callous person because he doesn't show his true emotions-but he has great sympathy for Morrie and cares for him deeply. Morrie says to Albom: "I'm gonna loosen you up. One day, I'm gonna show you it's okay to cry," pg. 51.  Albom is a caring person because he would always bring food to Morrie's house because they would always have lunch together during Albom's college days. Also, Albom is worried about Morrie: "I had to do something," he was aware of Morrie's time running out, and he didn't want to miss out and neglect Morrie.

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