Thursday, April 5, 2012

Question 7

Three major incidents that happened in the book are: when Mitch Albom sees the interview of Morrie with Ted Kroppel, when Morrie talks about Albom's little brother, and when Morrie dies. One night Albom was flipping through tv channels and he saw an interview of Morrie. This interview made Albom get back in touch with Morrie. If he didn't see this, the book would've never happened. After a few Tuesdays, they talked about family. Morrie brought up Albom's little brother-which he hadn't talked to for quite some time because his little brother didn't want to feel pitied because he had cancer. So, Albom didn't try to talk to his brother. After this Tuesday, though, he started talking to his brother again because of Morrie. Without Morrie, Albom and his brother could not have started talking again. When Morrie dies this concludes the book. It was expected but not wanted. By the end of the book Albom's views on life change because of Morrie.

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