Thursday, February 16, 2012

Persuassive Essay

    The State of the Union is an annual address presented by the President of the United States. The address reports on the condition of the nation, and allows the president to outline his legislative agenda. President Barack Obama presented problems as well as solutions, to the United States Congress. Education is imperative for one’s future. Teachers are needed-but states have laid off thousands of teachers. Being a teacher is a demanding profession, and they have a modest pay, not only do they prepare their students for a brighter future-but for the world.  A teacher’s impact lasts beyond the classroom.
    Obama said, “Other countries are doubling down on education.” Why can’t America, is education not relevant? Students are the future of America. While other countries are putting more effort and time into education-America isn’t. Obama also said this “...tight budgets have forced states to lay off thousands of teachers”; why does this happen when teachers are working “tirelessly”,as Obama eloquently put it, if this is the case why are we repaying teachers with pink slips. Obama proposed granting schools flexibility by replacing teachers who just are not helping kids learn. How would someone judge if a teacher is not doing their job, is it by what the class average is or their teaching style. Every teacher brings something to the table. What makes one teacher better than the next?
    Education is more than going to school for a few hours, as Obama said it’s “an escape from poverty to the child who dreams beyond his circumstance”. Schools provide more opportunities for students who take it seriously. For some children school is all they have. As for teachers the same principle goes, this is their job; without it they would have nothing. They guide students to be the best they can be.
    According to Obama, he has convinced every state in the country to “raise their
standards for teaching and learning-the first time that’s happened in a generation.” This should already have been every states top priority, it should not have been the first time to be addressed in a generation. For being proud Americans we should constantly be trying to better this country, we should already have high standards and not be reminded to install these ethics into Americans.
    Many people would agree with Obama’s argument saying we should raise standards for teaching-but America should have already been working on it without it being addressed. Also, it’s very hypocritical of him to say this because the comprehension level of his speeches are of an 8th graders intellectual capabilities. It’s a contradiction because in the past other president’s speeches had a higher comprehension level for their speeches, now it has went down. Some people would he is trying to reach his audience-but if Obama is for raising the standards of education, he would not be as colloquial. His speeches would have a more dignified tone. So, why say one thing but not go through with it.

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